Sweet Tomato Jam

Sweet Tomato Jam boldly goes where no tomato has gone before! A gourmet ketchup that's as at home with a burger and fries as it is on a cheese board.

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What is Sweet Tomato Jam?

Sweet Tomato Jam is a thoughtfully spiced tomato reduction. We start with vine-ripened diced tomatoes and slowly cook them down for hours until they become a think, chunky, pectin free jam. It's a gourmet ketchup but don't confuse it with the standard fare of your childhood. Sweet Tomato Jam is spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and red pepper flakes to the delight of your grown-up palate.

Culinary Applications

  • Great for charcuterie and cheese boards. Sweet Tomato Jam pairs well with strong cheeses like bleu and goat cheese as well as soft cheeses like brie
  • Replaces ketchup to take your burger and fries to the next level. A bacon & bleu burger with sweet tomato jam is hard to beat.
  • Perfect for the breakfast table. Sweet Tomato Jam is a great match for eggs and bacon, but also works with butter on toast or cream cheese and a bagel.
  • Adds depth and complexity when glazing meats or veggies. Brush some on for the last few minutes on the grill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ketchup?

Kind of but not really? We call it a gourmet ketchup because you can use it in place of ketchup for a more gourmet taste but it's nothing like the ketchup your thinking about. We use similar spices as traditional ketchup but arrive at a more grown-up flavor.

What's NOT in your products?

No artificial colors. Did you know that many companies use artificial coloring to give their products a more appealing color? Not us!

No Calcium Chloride in our pickles to artificially "crisp" them. If we can't make a crunchy pickle without it, we shouldn't be making pickles at all.

No Polysorbate. We don't even know what that stuff does!

No "Natural" Flavors. "Natural" Flavors contain things like propylene glycol and ethyl alcohol that don't have to be on the label, don't sound natural to us and ship in buckets marked "Flammable Liquid" with a hazard sticker. We don't use artificial flavoring either!

No citric acid. We'd rather use lemon or lime juice than a secretion from a bacteria fed on hydrolyzed corn starch then filtered and precipitated with calcium hydroxide before being treated with sulfuric acid to finally arrive at "all natural" citric acid.

Long story short, if it's not something you have in your kitchen, we're not cooking with it.

Do I get a discount if I buy more than one jar?

Yes! Our goal is to get our products to you at the best price possible. We offer free shipping starting at just two jars and multi -pack pricing and per jar discounts that automatically calculate in the shopping cart. Buying more lets us spread our shipping cost across more jars and we share that savings with you.

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