Bread & Butter Pickle

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 A Pickle from The Great Depression

Every Sunday, Grandma would would make me a warm ham sandwich with a slice of cheese, a little mayo and her famous Bread & Butter Pickles while Grandpap would fall asleep in his chair after hours of fidgeting with the TV Antennae. 
They were a holdover from The Great Depression when her mother would serve them to her on buttered bread.  
During World War II, she began making them with fresh produce from the Victory Garden. While Grandpap toiled at the mill making steel for the war effort, she tended the garden and put up produce for winter.  President Wilson said, “Food will win the war.” and Grandma took that to heart.  Production was always higher when Grandma sent her Bread & Butters for lunch.
The garden had ceded most of it’s ground to green lawn by the time I came around and the field behind her house became a grocery store after the war, but she still grew cucumbers and made enough to last the year.  These pickles were just better than what she could buy in the store!  
 Lucky for you, we have her recipe!

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    Posted by Laurie on Sep 4th 2020

    My family is obsessed with these deliciouls pickles. On a sandwich, on the side, out of the jar, anyway you eat them YOU will love them.

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    Posted by Barbara Brodley on Jul 27th 2020

    We usually buy the sweet & tart heirloom pickles. They are delicious and I have to buy several jars because the family eats them as a snack -- they don't even wait for a hamburger, sandwich or hotdog to pull out the jar and start eating them. Shipping is packed well and the package arrives quickly with all jars intact. We started with one; now we are up to six jars an order. The handwritten note on the receipt is a nice touch too.

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    Sweet and tart pickles

    Posted by Bernard Murray on Jul 6th 2020

    Wow. Delicious
    Should have more than 1 jar

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    Bread & Butter Pickles

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 17th 2020

    These are the best bread & butter pickles I have ever tasted.

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    Bread & Butter Pickles

    Posted by Larson Gunness on Jan 9th 2020

    My dad loved them!

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    Bread & Butter Pickle

    Posted by John S. on Sep 29th 2019

    I have been on a Bread & Butter Binge this year. I fell in love with the "Sweet & Tart Heirloom Pickles" at first bite!!! Sweet yet tart enough to want more & more. I bought the first jar in a store visiting North Carolina. The lowest sodium (35mg( that's an added bonus. I got back to Maryland with a few pickles left and went on line to order 5 more jars. I did get a jar of the Sweet Peppers, to try. Another winner! Keep those recipes and my mouth says WOW & YUM !

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    Bread & Butter Pickle

    Posted by Stephen K. on Jul 2nd 2019

    Not too sweet or salty, nice crunch, good texture

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    Bread & Butter Pickle

    Posted by Michelle M. on Apr 29th 2019

    These pickles are amazing! The best I've ever had! My husband eats them with everything!